Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Walpurgisnacht!

Walpurgisnacht is one of the major holidays on the Urglaawe, German Heathen, and Firn Sitte calendars. For some information on this on this holiday via the Urglaawe perspective, please see the post on titled Hallichi Walpurgisnacht... adder Hallichi Wonnenacht!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Opinion: Anti-Semitic Shooting In Kansas

There are a few communities who are united by the atrocity of the racist accused murderer Frazier Glenn Cross; arrested for the shooting deaths of Terri LaManno, William Lewis Corporon, Reat Griffin Underwood, in a targeted antisemitic rampage.

Originally a Grand Dragon of the KKK,1 Cross was violently opposed to immigration, and had a history of threats and attacks against African-Americans, Jews, and civil rights leaders.  Claiming to be fundamentalist Christian, with strong ties to the Christian Identity movement, his ties to Christianity had little to do with Christian doctrine, and more to do with vilifying members of other religious communities, especially the Jews.  Unhappy with the idea of Jesus as a Jew being a focus of worship, he came to discover references to Odin in the writings of Nazi and Neo-Nazi authors.

In describing himself as an Odinist he is not identifying as a practicing Heathen, or follower of the ancestral faith of the pre-Christian Northern Europeans, but drawing upon the false mythology crafted by the 1930’s German Nazi party who drew upon the symbols of their heathen past to wrap their ultra nationalist brand of fascism in the glories of a past free of the crushing defeat the German people endured post WWI.  Indeed, both in his writings, and in his shouted statements as he was being driven away, Cross cries out “Heil Hitler,” calling upon the only prophet whose words he actually understood and embraced.2

Cross is no Christian, nor is he Heathen.  His brand of Christian Identity or Odinism are not religious beliefs, but racial/political platforms trying with no real success to stretch the teachings of the Bible and the Havamal to cover their own personal hatreds.

Having failed in attempts to organize armed militias or run for office to acquire the power to bring his racial agenda onto the national stage, he sank into relative obscurity.3

In a final irony, in his attempt to strike out against the Jewish Race, he targeted three innocent people for the crime of being visiting their elderly parent, or taking their grandson to try out for a singing competition.  None of the dead was Jewish.

One man who believed only in hate has taken three lives far worthier than his own.  In doing so he has united three disparate communities. The Heathen Community, and the Christian Community are joining together with the Jewish Community to condemn not just these specific attacks, but the climate of racial hatred, and promotion of hatred and strife between different ethnic and religious groups within our nation.

I ask that you offer a prayer to whatever god(s) or goddess(s) you honour for the families of the fallen in this tragedy.  Their loss cannot be made right, but they can know that believers of all faiths are united in their support for the families not only through the time of their loss, but the struggle to relive this tragedy again as this Nithling4 faces trial for his cowardly attacks.

- John T Mainer

4 Nithling: oathbreaker, person without worth or honour, one whose word is without value.

Please see also the official Troth response to this incident.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Response to the Religion of the Accused Shooter in Overland Park, KS

News media outlets are reporting that the accused shooter in Overland Park was an adherent of Odinism

The Troth abhors the appropriation of any Heathen identity for racist and bigoted agendas. We reject the abuse of our religion as a justification for hateful and abominable actions. We condemn the violence and hatred that are at the root of this story.

Let us all hail the victims and remember their names:

Terri LaManno
William Lewis Corporon
Reat Griffin Underwood

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims of this unconscionable act.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trothmoot 2014

June 12-June 15

Osage Hills State Park in Pawhuska, Oklahoma is a sprawling natural property offering beautiful views, hundreds of trails, waterfalls, and air conditioned cabins!

The upper level of the group site holds the main hall, which is equipped with a full kitchen and bathrooms. Surrounding the main hall are an open grass field, a fire pit and a paved area with picnic tables.

The cabin area occupies the lower level of the group site and is accessible from a paved path leading from the main hall and several natural trails leading from the fire pit. The lower level holds 10 cabins with bunk style bedding for up to 12 in each. The cabins are equipped with lighting, electrical outlets, full doors/windows and heating units.

For more information please email the planning committee at

Planning to bring a ve?

Ve (ON plural and singular), or shrines, to a number of chosen Gods and/or Goddesses at Trothmoot 2014. There we will be able to enjoy private moments in worship. Activities at the Vé will not be on the Trothmoot schedule; rather they are informally arranged by members. The Trothmoot Committee will determine the location of the Vé and coordinate which Vé will be built. Any deliberate damaging of Vé or attempts to disrupt devotions will result in the removal of the offender(s) as well as any applicable disciplinary actions determined by the Rede. In conformance with our Position Statement, any hailing of Fenris, Surt, Jormungandr, and allied wights (excluding Loki) remain forbidden anywhere at Trothmoot and other Troth-sponsored events.

Let the Trothmoot Committee know which Gods or Goddesses you would like to see a Ve for, or better yet, offer to help the Committee with Trothmoot in any way you see fit! Thank you once again to those who help plan and those who attend Trothmoot.

To contact the planning committee please email us at Or message us on our Facebook event page.

Hail the Troth!