Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Cult of Óðinn: God of Death?

Wassail all!

Last year, Kveldúlfr Gundarsson gave the Troth permission to reprint  his 1995 doctoral dissertation, _The Cult of Óðinn: God of Death?_, published under his "mundane" name, Stephan Grundy. This work has long  been almost impossible to find, short of going to Cambridge University and requesting their file copy. At 272 pages (and 292 footnotes!) it's not what you might call easy bedtime reading -- there are primary sources quoted in several languages, for example. All the same, it's clearly a labor of love and devotion by one of the best minds in all Heathenry, and one of the most thorough studies of Odin's nature that I've ever seen. This is a serious work of scholarship, and even after nearly twenty years, it remains an exceptionally useful source. 

I have the honor and pleasure to announce that, as of right now, _The Cult of Óðinn: God of Death?_ has officially been republished by the Troth. We have also republished a companion volume to this book, _Miscellaneous Studies Towards the Cult of Óðinn_, which consists of material that Kveldúlfr / Stephan was unable to include in his dissertation. Together, the two books make up one of the most thorough studies of Óðinn ever published. 

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E-book versions are also coming soon.

- Ben Waggoner, Shope

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