Facebook Group

If you are an active member of The Troth and are interested in joining our Facebook group, please visit the group's page and click Join. 

Again, you must be an active member of The Troth to be given accecss to the Facebook group.

 If your Facebook name does not match your membership name in The Troth, please drop a note on Facebook to Robert L. Schreiwer letting him know your membership details. 

You may also drop a note to the Troth-Members e-mail list linking your Facebook name to your name in The Troth membership record.

If you are unsure of the status of your account, please go to The Troth Login Page. If you lost your Login information, you may click the "Forgot Password" link and fill in the appropriate information. If you are still experiencing difficulty, you may contact your Steward or the Clerk for more assistance.

Thank you!

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