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Parliament of the World's Religions, October 2015

Urglaawe Altar in the Pagan Faith Space
Combined Urglaawe and Native American effort to dispose
of the Urglaawe altar flower offerings with honor.

The Panel from left to right: Robert L. Schreiwer (Troth), Erynn Rowan Laurie, Diana Paxson (Troth), Eli Sheva, Kirk Thomas, Gwendolyn Reece

Yule 2013

Distelfink Sippschaft's annual Flaming Spinning Yuletide Sunwheel

Video by Corrine Johnson

Distelfink's Yule Altar

Photo by Jennifer Milby

Krampuslauf Philadelphia 2013

Preparation (12/08/13):

Trothmoot 2013

Victoria leading the Land-Taking Ritual - 5/30/13

Tyr's Glove in the ground after the Land-Taking

Handcrafted items honoring Nehallenia.
Discussion led by Birgit Knorr - 5/31/13
The awesome cart in the Frey procession.

The Weih (Vé) to Holle

The vé to Frigg.

Retiring Steer Victoria Clare leads the General Meeting of the membership. 
Steve Abell takes his oath of office as new Steer for The Troth.

Steve administers the Vice Steer oath to Rob.

New Troth Steer Steve Abell (right) and Vice Steer Rob Schreiwer (left)
Diana Paxson offers the Idunna libation to the gods and goddesses.
The vendor area... Folks were selling some great stuff this year!

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